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New Beginnings

We are officially a licensed LLC. and we are ready to get creating. Each week we are going to do sort of a "blog" post where we update you guys on what has been going on and what we are up to. The past week has been pretty hectic for us, as we have been filing papers and sending a lot of emails. Over Memorial Day we went to Bend, OR where we went on an insane adventure. The trip included a lot of hiking, cliff jumping, bridge jumping and swimming. While in Bend we met up with some locals that showed us around to the best places. Our favorite place had to be Steelhead Falls where there was a massive cliff people could jump off of into the water. Another place we really enjoyed was Smith Rock, this was one of the hardest hikes we have ever done, considering we gained over 1,200 feet within a mile. Altogether the past week was awesome, attached are some photos of the trip. We look forward to sharing more of our life experiences with you all. #HotSparkMedia

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