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Who We Are

We use video and images to tell stories that matter. We’re often asked how we do what we do. Some people call it magic. But it’s more like alchemy—the art of combining elements to create something new and original—a digital elixir. We are among the rising generation of artists that build content and expect it to be seen anywhere, anytime. We are new schoolers—disruptors and innovators. We use the video camera and editing software the way an artist uses a brush and paint. We create multi-layered videos with unique perspectives, compelling narratives, and fresh style. The results are often powerful and captivating and visceral. We are fiercely independent, fun, and loyal to our clients. We are HotSpark Media.


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The Creatives


Ben Lathwell

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Ben is currently a senior at Gonzaga University. He is pursuing a Bachelors degree in business administration with a focus in marketing and entrepreneurship. 


Eli Corriveau

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Eli is currently a sophomore at Brigham Young University. He is pursuing a Bachleors degree in advertising.

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